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Friday, July 1, 2016

More complete loader scales service offer includes ‘Legal for Trade’ certification

Trimble has been accredited to offer self-verification of LOADRITE loader scales for commercial transactions in Europe using its dealer network. Authorized Trimble dealers can offer a one-stop-shop for onboard weighing with faster commissioning with a single local point of contact. Trimble’s experienced dealer network offer application and product selection advice, installation, calibration and training across the range of products. But now dealers can also verify the installation as suitable for ‘Legal for Trade’ transactions.

Benefits of Trimble ‘Legal for Trade’ verification service 

‘Legal for Trade’ (LFT) loader scales save money and facilitate easy invoicing by effectively transforming the loader into a mobile weighbridge; especially valuable for mobile or remote sites. It can eliminate the expense of a weighbridge and operator, allow the operation to sell products legally directly from the loader, reduce truck cycle times and provide traceable data on loading activity.

Self-verification accreditation enables authorized Trimble dealers to issue a conformity certificate of Trimble LFT products, without the need to involve the local weights and measure government authority. This means a more flexible and faster commissioning for the customer.

Consistent quality standards

Trimble Legal for Trade (LFT) products meet the European directive for measuring instruments 2004/22/EC, they meet OIML R51 class Y(b) for accuracy, and the Trimble manufacturing and field-verification process is accredited. This focus on rigorous standards helps ensure a consistent quality standard for the customer, and accuracy from the scales. All authorized dealers must pass competency standards before being able to offer verification services to their customers. 

The Trimble LOADRITE has various LFT models of loader weighing system have been certified with OIML R51 Class Y(b). The LOADRITE L2180, the premium loader scale model, has consistently proven to be a reliable and accurate scale, it was the first loader scale to be deemed ‘Legal for Trade’ in 1993 by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany.