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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Track blast performance with data from Trimble Insight and onboard scales.

It’s a balancing act for blast contractors to get the shot right. Shot design, powder factor and loading techniques must all be adjusted for safety and blast yield. Drilling and blasting are among the most significant influences on final product production cost, so it is important to get it right. But how can we monitor fragmentation size and yield to improve load/haul, crushing performance, and ultimately final product?

Most quarries already use onboard scales to optimize tons per truck and gaining up to 25% productivity improvement, but by keeping a running total per blast, the load/haul manager can work with the blast contractor to get maximum yield every blast. Using loader and excavator scales to measure oversize also provides an important metric of blast performance. With Trimble Smart Haul, you can also track the fleet productivity.

Better blast performance data means better drilling and blasting.

Trimble has a range of loader and excavator scales for accurate blast yield measurement on any machine make or model. With powerful material movement tracking tools like the Insight quarry reporting web portal, your operation will reap the rewards.

Ask your local LOADRITE dealer to learn how to track your blast operations.