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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Using Trimble production data to manage workflow

CAPEX plans, tight margins, competitive pricing and lean workflow will determine quarry profitability. Every workflow affects the next so significant gains can be made by harmonizing the output from one stage with the input needs of the next stage. Underproduction or overproduction at any stage can have a significant impact on later steps.

In order to know your quarry is working efficiently, you have to be able to accurately measure many data points, including travel times, idle times, tonnage, stockpile heights, changes to stockpiles, and more.

Trimble looks at the entire workflow from pit to plant to final product. Where are the highest gains possible by applying technology? How do we connect all the parts of the operation together? And, how do we connect this actionable data with people?

Whether uneven belt loading, empty run times, truck waiting times, loader bucket weights, there are many pieces of crucial information to determine the best workflow for your quarry. A quarry that ties weighing systems with production management software eliminates the need to manually track throughput and final tonnage.

Trimble ties every loader, excavator, haul truck, conveyor together with LOADRITE onboard scales and a reporting portal. 

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