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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Delay CAPEX by using Trimble data to maximize existing asset productivity

Every day Trimble helps customers improve their workflow by leveraging information. Here’s some examples:

In one case, a stationary crusher received material from various places, and production was hindered because it wasn’t always clear what was happening at the crusher. Poor communication between the crusher and the person sending trucks to the crusher was a problem. With a Trimble LOADRITE weighing system on the crusher that provided live reporting of production throughput, allowing people to remotely see the number of tons per hour and make real-time adjustments. Now, the company knows when to send trucks.

At another operation, a mobile crusher travelled to different sites, with a different operator at each one. With LOADRITE belt scales on the crusher, the producer had real-time remote visibility and post-shift production reports. The producer was able to observe operator habits vs. production and with hard data plus training, improved overall production rates and machine performance.

A third site involved a quarry that was trying to increase output and had a bottleneck at the primary crusher. At the blasting face, the quarry had one loader loading three trucks. They knew the set up wasn’t optimal, but they had no data to measure the impact of any proposed changes. They deployed Trimble loader and haul truck monitors. Now they could break down the cycle time of the truck into each of its components — waiting to be loaded, being loaded, travelling to the crusher, waiting to dump, dumping, and traveling back to the face, including any delays/stoppages. When the data was examined, they noticed the machines were bunching, which led to waiting at the loader and crusher. The information was shared with the operators who made a few changes to their operating habits, which resulted in a double-digit increase in productivity without buying or changing machines.

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