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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Rail represents real efficiency for long-distance aggregate transportation and is becoming more prevalent as projects requiring these materials move farther away from quarry sites.

One rail car can carry 5x as many tons as an on-highway truck, but without accurate payload measurement, inefficiency can creep in. Underloading rail cars increases the cost per ton of moving them and overloading them can lead to fines.

If rail cars are overloaded or underloaded, the train will get backed up, so material may have to be manually added or removed, so that the cars meet the desired weight. By weighing material in the bucket, it can be tracked bucket-by-bucket.

LOADRITE payload measurement systems in rail loadout help maintain consistent rail car payload for uniform unloading. Accuracy is even more important when loading rail cars than trucks, because they have a significantly higher weight capacity. Rail cars may carry 100 tons each, with 50 to 100 cars in the train. If an operator just slightly underloads each car, a lot less total product is being sent to market at a higher cost per ton.

Don’t gamble with rail cars when you don’t weigh the product accurately. With Trimble technology, you know how much material is going into the rail car.

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