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E2750 Rear Lift Garbage Truck Scales

Accurate bin weights mean accurate invoices

The Loadrite E2750 weighing system offers accurate and reliable weighing of every bin emptied with a rear lift refuse truck. It can be installed on most makes and models, is easy to use and maintain. The E2750 automatically measures the net weight of the bin as it is emptied. The bin weight and other information can be sent electronically to a separate on-board computer or route management system, transmitted to the InsightHQ cloud data management tool, or printed in the truck using the optional Loadrite printer.

Increase profits by matching bin revenue to dumping costs and eliminate overload fines

Simple user interface for easier operation

Loadrite refuse truck scales are easy to understand, easy to use and can be connect to any on-board computer. The Loadrite screen display is uncluttered and only relays pertinent information to the operator when required. This enables the operator to concentrate on what they do best without unnecessary distraction: refuse collection. The hook, rear and front lift truck scale share the same user interface. This advantage reduces the need for training of operators who drive multiple trucks on the use of the E2750.

No more overloading

The regulatory environment, where public safety and liability concerns underlay a trend towards more enforcement of overloading regulations is also a factor. To help prevent overloading, the net weight of each bin can also be added to a run total, so that the driver can monitor the total weight on the truck. Keeping the weight on the truck under its legal capacity also helps to minimize maintenance costs.

Loadrite sensor


The E2750 uses LR970 solid-state position sensors to continuously report the position of the lift arm, ensuring optimal accuracy. The LR970 sensor measures pitch and roll angles, acceleration and the rate of rotation. Load cells in the lifter measure the mass of the bins as they are lifted and lowered.

Legal for Trade

Legal for Trade facilitates easy invoicing by allowing the operator to measure payload weight during the lift cycle and provide traceable data on loading activity. Available in Australia and New Zealand.

How it works

  1. E2750 Indicator
  2. Load sensors
  3. Position sensors
  4. Printer
  5. Data communication


  • Knowing the weight of each customer’s bin helps charging correctly; unprofitable customers are no longer subsidised by more profitable ones.
  • Accurate weighing ensures trucks are loaded to the correct value avoiding expensive overload fines.
  • Keeping the weight of the truck under its legal capacity helps to minimise maintenance costs
  • Having visibility of the current payload helps with the route optimization. Operators can determine when it’s the best time to drive to the landfill or transfer station without over or under loading the truck resulting in optimized truck utilization.
  • The rear and front loader weighing system share the same user interface making operator transition seamless between trucks.

Loadrite printers provide a hard copy record/customer receipt of scale data, including:

  • Bin weight and total weight
  • Sequence number
  • Time and date
  • 3 user defined data fields
  • Truck ID#
  • User title
  • Weight zeroed​