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eTickets come free with Loadrite L3180 SmartScales and InsightHQ

Digital tickets are the new requirements from many top aggregate producers and transportation agencies including U.S. Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT). Digital eTickets eliminate double handling of paper work and manual data re-entering, saving time, increasing safety and assuring data quality. 

What is an eTicket?

An eTicket is a paperless digital ticket delivery option that conveniently emails the load ticket to truck drivers, hauler dispatcher, and site supervisors who are waiting for the material delivery.

Support social distancing

Limit person-to-person interactions and paper handling with digital eTickets to replace paper tickets.

Safer worksites

An eTicket-enabled worksite helps support a safer environment for visiting truck drivers as there is one less reason to exit the truck cab and potentially put themselves in an unsafe area.

Paperless, digital workflow

A paperless workflow means that tickets cannot be lost, damaged or not passed along the administrative chain. eTickets don’t get dirty or wet, and cannot pass along a virus.

Quarry to construction site connectivity

It can be difficult for project managers to monitor material movement. The midday summary eTicket shows an accurate update of tons delivered to the site, so the manager can respond during the shift.

Single source of the truth

An eTicket is fast, reliable and can inform multiple parties at once. The eTicket is sent immediately after the load is complete. It doesn’t rely on anyone to pass the ticket along or follow-up, and can be sent to the operator, manager and 3rd party contractors for everyone to see the same information. No more quarrels or disputes.

Faster exit from the quarry

An eTicket is dispatched immediately after loading, so the truck driver doesn’t need to collect a load ticket upon exit. Neither does the truck driver need to wait on other people collecting load tickets. In and out faster, with the potential to complete another load that shift.

To enable eTickets, you will need the following. Your local Loadrite dealer can arrange the sourcing, installation and set-up for you:

  • Loadrite L3180 SmartScale
  • InsightHQ by Loadrite subscription
  • An industrial grade 4G LTE router
  • Internet connection

Once configured, a loader operator selects the truck identification on the Loadrite indicator, while waiting for the truck to park at the stockpile. The load is completed as usual with the Loadrite onboard scale measuring payload. When the load is completed, and the operator presses the clear button, the load eTicket information is sent to InsightHQ via the site WiFi router or an external cellular router. InsightHQ is then send the eTicket to the designated email addresses (e.g. the truck driver, and dispatch).

The midday report follows the same process, but it totals all the loads from midnight to midday and sends the summary to designated manager (e.g. project or fleet manager).

How to set-up a load eTicket?

On the L3180 SmartScale

  1. Go to Menu > Config > Data > DataList2  (or whichever you prefer) for Truck 
  2. Enabled  = On
    Open InsightHQ web portal for payload management
  3. Go to Data > Select List > Data 3 (e.g. L3180 Data2 = InsightHQ Data3)
  4. Add a record for a truck identification (e.g. truck number or truck registration plate)
  5. Add a description of the truck (e.g. Company/Contractor name and their truck numbering)
  6. Add one or more email addresses
  7. Check the box for eTickets
  8. Your Loadrite dealer can also help to bulk upload your customer list during set-up.

How to set-up a load summary eTicket?

  1. Open InsightHQ, web portal for payload management.
  2. Go to Loadout 360 > eTicket > Summary
  3. Create a truck list for the job (e.g. “Road Project”, Site e.g. “Hills Quarry” or area e.g. “Stockyard”
  4. Select the relevant trucks from your list
  5. Choose “Second Receipt”
  6. Set your unit (e.g. tons)
  7. Check box “Mid-day Summary”