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Loadrite Insight for Waste and Recycling

Monitor Payload for Profitability

Haulers charging by volume are often losing money. Knowing the weight of each dumpster helps to charge correctly; unprofitable customers are no longer subsidized by more profitable ones. Accurate payload measurement also ensures trucks are loaded to capacity.

When scales are integrated with fleet haul reporting, it allows haulers to make more informed business decisions, including:

  • Whether operators should dump or collect another load
  • Where sales teams should seek future business
  • Which customers are unprofitable
  • How dispatchers can optimize the route
  • Which customers to protect
  • How owners can improve profits
  • How to improve fleet efficiency


Real-time fleet dashboard and activity playback

Track vehicle location, route, customer pickups and payload. Turn customer and fleet data into actionable insights for more efficient route design, load-optimized trucks and more profitable pick-ups. Replay historical fleet activity to highlight issues, improve driver training, perform efficiency analysis and route reviews.

More informed business decisions

Loadrite Insight empowers your team to make better decisions that improve your profitability. Loadrite Insight is not route navigation, and it isn’t a dispatch software.

Match customers and sites

Automated matching of pick ups to customers. Simple to configure and maintain with importation of customer lists, drag and drop editing intuitive interface.

  • Contract weight limits vs. actual weight collected
  • Real-time truck location
  • Customer lifetime value reports
  • Fits most makes and models of garbage trucks
  • Secure, encrypted data
  • Data export tools
  • Customer database upload tools
  • Access for sales, dispatch and fleet managers for a single source of the truth
  • Improve new operator training with visual route mapping
  • Knowing Weight identifies profitable and unprofitable customers
  • Cumulative truck weight total allows operators to make informed, one-more pick up, decisions
  • Optimize routes by expected payload weight to maximize tons per cycle
  • Greater traceability for waste minimization projects
  • Uncover opportunities to convert unprofitable customers
  • Provide time-stamped evidence of pick-ups
  • Graphical location tools help identify highly profitable prospects, or unprofitable routes
  • Prevent truck overloading to ensure public safety, protection from liability and reduce maintenance

  1. Customer address and contract weight data is batch uploaded to Loadrite Insight.
  2. A Loadrite scale is fitted to the truck, with an indicator in the cab, sensors and load cells.
  3. It automatically measures the material weight during the lift and match with pick up location, time/date and uploads to Loadrite Insight.
  4. Insight data is then viewed from any web browser, on desktop or mobile devices.