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Are you loading rail? Are you tracking each ton, what product, who loaded it, where it is going for each car?

LOADRITE™ has a complete range of wheel loader scales, excavator scales, and conveyor belt scales to accurately measure the tons you are loading onto your rail cars. With easy to use reporting, LOADRITE™ systems can give you data to track and report what you are loading.

Recording the rail data in our Material Management System is easy, and gives you an electronic record of your activity. With Rail safety and rail freight costs a concern of any rail shipper, now is the time to examine your rail loading practices.

Coal rail loading, scrap metal, aggregates, waste, any material that you are transporting by rail can be optimized using a LOADRITE™ system.

Do you load with wheel loaders, excavators, and conveyer belts?

LOADRITE™ systems use similar interfaces for their products, allowing you to quickly and easily move between the scales and reporting software.

Contact your local distributor to learn more how LOADRITE™ can help your business.