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X2650 Mining Excavator Scales

Boost Productivity on the Biggest Excavators

The Loadrite X2650 system provides accurate payload measurement (+/- 3% margin of error) on excavators up to 800 tonnes. Improve face and pit productivity, with bucket-by-bucket payload information to optimize load and haul.

Increase productivity and improve profits by eliminating under or overloading and haul truck turn around. With the X2650 you can ensure payloads are on target and production levels are sufficient to maintain the life of mine estimates.


How it Works

Excavator scales vs truck scales

Typical onboard truck scales are useful but only provide suitable information after the truck has left the load location. If the truck is over-loaded then the truck may slow, and increase cycle-times. Likewise, if the truck is under-loaded, it has lost the opportunity to move maximum payload. With the X2650 you can ensure payloads are on target and deliver maximum capacity.

Adjustable weighing zones

Configure your excavator to accurately weigh when loading from different levels, such as benches. Dynamic payload weighing system for bucket-by-bucket optimization of your load-out process.

Slope compensation

Loadrite X2650 excavator scales use slope compensation technology to provide accurate weighing over a wide range of demanding operating conditions.

Wenco and MineStar Integration

Integrate your production data with your Fleet Management system to access production metrics for reporting and analysis.


Track your tons per hour, cycle times, and total tonnage moved by your excavators and trucks. With easy reporting, you know exactly how your company is running. The Loadrite Material Management System (MMS) turns data from mobile equipment into management information reporting designed specifically for the needs of your business.

How it works

  1. Arm angle sensors
  2. Bucket Sensor
  3. Pressure Transducers
  4. Data Communication
  5. Angle Sensor
  6. X2650 Indicator

Loadrite printers

A standard report includes:
  • Date and time
  • Company name
  • Loader/operator identification
  • Onsite loading location
  • Required amount of product
  • Truck identification
  • Docket identification
  • Product loaded and total truck payload weight
  • Individual bucket load weights